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October 20, 2015 / Marijuana Dispensary

Stay On Your Game: New Dispensary Gadgets

In this blog post we review new marijuana technology that is making its way to the market. With cannabis legal in several states the industry is poised for rapid growth. As such, a competitive advantage […] Read more

September 8, 2015 / Cannabis Consulting, Cannabis Jobs, Marijuana Dispensary

Benefits of Strong Employee Training For Your Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana employee training is a necessary, budgeted investment that every dispensary must make. However, it’s not easy for dispensary owners to understand which training is essential. There are no national standards for training dispensary employees, […] Read more

September 2, 2015 / Cannabis Consulting, Cannabis Information, Cannabis Laws, Marijuana Dispensary

Entering the Edible Market: Packing and Labeling for Your Marijuana Dispensary

The marijuana edible market is booming. As demand for edibles grows, states are creating tighter restrictions on edible packaging and labeling. For continued success, dispensaries must stay current on edible marijuana requirements. As is the […] Read more

August 25, 2015 / Cannabis Jobs, Marijuana Dispensary

Creating a Productive Work Culture at Your Cannabis Dispensary

You don’t have to choose: Work can be both fun and productive. The most effective employees enjoy their jobs. But (like everything in life) there must be a balance. Excessive fun delays the workflow, while […] Read more

August 19, 2015 / Cannabis Jobs, Marijuana Dispensary

Seven Future Trends for Cannabis Dispensaries

Marijuana consulting services such as ours must keep abreast of developments in the cannabis world. Today, with medical marijuana legal in 23 states and pending in 9 more, it’s not hard to predict that the […] Read more

August 13, 2015 / Cannabis Consulting, Cannabis Laws, Cannabis Security, Marijuana Dispensary

The Growing Need For A Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan [Infographic]

On a given day a cannabis dispensary could have thousands of dollars in cash on hand. This makes these businesses a hot target for criminals. By implementing a sound security plan, you reduce your chances […] Read more

August 11, 2015 / Business Plans by SIVA, Marijuana Dispensary

Advantages of Investing in a Cannabis Dispensary

This year, the cannabis dispensary market is predicted to achieve $3.3 billion in sales. As medical marijuana consultants, we recognize that these are the early days of the “Green Rush.” ArcView Group predicts 32% growth […] Read more

August 5, 2015 / Marijuana Dispensary

Interior Design Trends for Marijuana Dispensaries

Interior design is an important aspect of opening a dispensary. Beyond the permitting paperwork, it’s important to consider the impact of your retail space. The marijuana space is unique because it is still associated in […] Read more

July 29, 2015 / Cannabis Information

The History of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has a long and rich history. Consulting historical records, we find marijuana listed as a therapeutic plant across cultures and eras. Around 2900 BC, Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi referenced cannabis (“Ma” in Chinese) […] Read more