December 30, 2016 / Cannabis in the News

Fake News and Urban Myths about Cannabis

Due to its surge in the recent US presidential election, the issue of Fake News has spread like wildfire. And Urban Myths about Cannabis are as old as Prohibition itself.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Fake News AND Urban Myths about Cannabis have combined in weird new ways:


  • “The medical dangers of marijuana use” (Links to a fake “Harvard” website)
  • “Here’s how much marijuana it would take to kill you” (No one in history has OD’d on cannabis)
  • “Mental Health: One more study suggests a link between cannabis use and schizophrenia” (Bunk!)
  • “Why More Women Are Smoking Weed While Pregnant”

Now, no serious person believes that any significant number of pregnant women are all-of-a-sudden smoking piles of cannabis. Nor are they drinking more coffee, or smoking cigarettes, or starting bar fights, driving without seat belts, or skydiving…

(See what we did there? How about, “Why More Women Are Skydiving While Pregnant!”)

Would you read a Pregnant Skydiving article? Probably not. Your BS-meter would shriek “Fake News! Fake News!”

You may prefer to dive into the headlines like these:

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By Christopher Smith

Director of Marketing & Communications

SIVA Enterprises