For businesses in need of hands-on administration and/or personnel, SIVA Management provides turnkey management solutions in cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing/retail. Through the combined experiences of the SIVA team and our network and relationships, SIVA Management supplies clients with valuable human resources to manage profitable and efficient operations at a fraction of the time and expense of hiring full time employees.


SIVA Management Services includes:



We provide full-scope management solutions for pre-operational to post-operational cultivation facilities. With our team of experienced cultivators, we shape services to each client’s needs. Our management services guarantee that cultivation facilities run efficiently and effectively.

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Utilizing our team of experienced manufacturers under the leadership of “Jerry Tut” Tutunjian, we provide a wide range of manufacturing management solutions. Our services are developed to match each client’s exact management needs at any stage of operation and result in proficient and profitable operations.

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Our team brings years of experience in establishing, managing and expanding numerous dispensaries to clients in need of dispensary management. With a wide spectrum of services available, clients are able to determine the ideal management approach and mold services to their needs. Our services are suitable for both established and developing dispensaries.

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