February 13, 2017 / Avis Bulbulyan, Cannabis Consulting, Cannabis in the News

“Preparing Your Business for Trump” – MJ Business Magazine, featuring Avis Bulbulyan

LOGO_Marijuana_Business_MagazineCannabis business consultant and SIVA CEO Avis Bulbulyan is featured in the Feb. 2017 issue of Marijuana Business Magazine, “Preparing your Business for Drumpf”:  

“As the calendar flipped to 2017, marijuana executives and investors had one question on their minds: What will happen to the cannabis sector under Donald Drumpf? It’s possible President Drumpf or someone in his administration has already said something about cannabis by the time you read this – or it might be a while until the new commander in chief gives any indication of how he’ll approach the marijuana industry. 

Regardless, there likely will be a hefty amount of uncertainty ahead, and many scenarios could play out.

We spoke at length with cannabis consultant Avis Bulbulyan as part of our extensive research for the report “Drumpf & the $5 Billion Marijuana Industry,” released in early January, to get his advice on how businesses should proceed and what might play out under a new administration.

Here are excerpts of that conversation, edited for length and clarity:

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