February 1, 2017 / Avis Bulbulyan, Cannabis Business Tips, Cultivation

Cultivation Budget: Your Sharpest Tool Should Be Your Pencil

LOGO_Marijuana_Venture, Cultivation Budget articleAs cannabis growers know all too well, the cultivation budget process can be one of their biggest challenges. SIVA CEO Avis Bulbulyan has penned an important “Cannabis Economics 101” editorial in the January 2017 issue of Marijuana Venture. Here’s a link to simple but essential advice about the necessity of making a comprehensive budget and sticking with it.

“… Cannabis growers … have been waiting with bated breath for new opportunities to expand their businesses and get a piece of the multi-billion-dollar market opportunity. Many are excited to file applications for the limited number of licenses as soon as they become available.

“To score well in this competitive process, it will benefit entrepreneurs to spend this quiet period (before applications are released) sharpening their pencils, rather than their tools…”

“If you’re an experienced grower, this article may serve as a checklist. Whether you’ve been running a small indie grow and want to “go big,” or you’re setting up a first-time operation, you’ll likely have to raise some money. Investors will want to make sure you know how to grow, but they’ll also take a hard look at your numbers to ensure you know how to manage a business…”

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