Brand Acquisition Services include:

  • Increased market reach
  • Marketing services
  • Brand development
  • Product development
  • Product licensing
  • Name recognition

Brand Acquisitions

In all product development and company building categories, owners have exit strategies. If all has gone well, the developers have created value and a market with room to grow. In addition to the SIVA Incubator, where SIVA helps brands develop and market new ideas from the ground up, SIVA is actively building a stable of brands through acquisition. SIVA actively seeks opportunities to keep such valuable brands in the market and growing, valuates promising cannabis products/brands fairly, and raises capital for acquisition into our growing portfolio.

New SIVA brands and products are communicated throughout our network that includes SIVA services clients (consulting, management, ventures, and brands) as well as relationships in cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and dispensing. Where demand and opportunity for these new SIVA products develops, SIVA is able to efficiently manufacture and distribute, and continue to protect and grow the brands.