SIVA Enterprises provides a full suite of industry-leading business solutions and operational services for the cannabis industry nationwide. Our business solutions include: consulting, local and state licensing, compliance, and insurance. Operational services include: product and brand development, manufacturing and distribution.

For over a decade, our work has made SIVA the most reputable consulting company in the cannabis industry, and the most consistently successful state licensing applications consultancy nationwide. In 2017, SIVA was recognized by Expertise.com as one of the top 18 consulting firms in Los Angeles, representing the only cannabis business out of 800 firms, respectively. 

While navigating the emerging cannabis industry can be complicated, our experience and knowledge allows us to be efficient and effective. From financial models and business plans, to compliance and scale, expect excellence from SIVA.



Avis Bulbulyan, CEO of SIVA Enterprises, entered the cannabis industry at the ground level, starting in the cultivation sector then expanding into dispensing and consulting in Southern California.



Avis was consulting for several collectives as well as providing operational services across the full vertical.


Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts

Avis was recruited to partner and spearhead the application process for Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts (MMM) led by former U.S. Congressman, Bill Delahunt, and to oversee the day to day operations for the company.  When the process concluded, MMM received the highest score in the state, scoring a 160/163, and was the only company to secure the maximum three out of three state licenses out of twenty issued by the state.


Bulbulyan Consulting Group

Bulbulyan Consulting Group (BCG) was formally incorporated.  Following up on the success of Massachusetts, BCG secured four state licenses in Nevada, followed by wins in Illinois.


Multi-State Consultancy

New York processed their applications for a total of five vertically integrated state licenses and BCG missed the New York bid by 3.2 points.  Later in the year, BCG’s client’s submitted applications in Maryland that again resulted in a state license for dispensing.

With a lull in state licensing, and in anticipation for California coming online, BCG embarked on a year-long company rebrand, as a result SIVA Enterprises was born, with additional divisions for Consulting, Management and Ventures.


The California Market

SIVA Enterprises announced its rebrand at the Cannabis World Congress and Expo in Los Angeles.

Throughout 2016, SIVA continued to lead the licensing sector by targeting the California market, and to date boasts a 100% success rate in California securing licenses in cities from as far north as Humboldt, Greenfield on the Central coast and Lynwood and Maywood in Southern California.

Same year, SIVA branched off into consulting for municipalities looking to understand the regulatory requirements to issue licenses and began educating cities and counties on the business of cannabis by drafting white papers, research documents, and with the dual licensing nature of the California regulatory structure, further assisted local municipalities with the development of their local ordinances.

By the close of the year, SIVA Enterprises moved its corporate headquarters to Glendale, CA.


Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force

In January, Avis was brought on as President of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force.  Later in the year, Avis became Education Chair for the Los Angeles chapter of Cannabis Legal, Accounting and Business (cLAB). 

In October, the California Department of Consumer Affairs appointed Avis to their newly created Cannabis Advisory Committee, under the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). The committee advises BCC and the other licensing authorities – the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Department of Public Health – on the development of regulations that help protect public health and safety and reduce the illegal market for cannabis. Of the 22 advisors, Avis represents just one of the six industry experts appointed.

Expertise.com conducted their annual review of every consulting firm in Los Angeles and out of 838 consulting firms in Los Angeles, SIVA Enterprises was selected as one of the top 18 consultants for 2017.  SIVA represented the only consultancy in the cannabis industry.

Jeff Garrison was named President of SIVA Enterprises and also continues to serve as its CFO and Jennifer Mascari was brought on as Chief Marketing Officer.

As an organization, SIVA Enterprises continued its dominance of the cannabis industry and received its insurance license, adding SIVA Insurance Services to the SIVA family of companies. SIVA Enterprises also began working with the California Department of Insurance and directly with the CA Insurance Commissioner to educate insurance carriers on the cannabis industry, influencing their entry into the cannabis space so the industry is not limited to surplus lines. By November, the first carrier filed paperwork to begin servicing the cannabis industry with an additional five carriers about to do the same.


Looking Into The Future

Having a front row seat to the development of the industry for over a decade, being entrenched at the heart of it all nationally, and servicing some of the top companies that exist today, SIVA will be establishing its operational headquarters where it all started in Los Angeles, CA., with a fully integrated vertical, state-of-the-art FDA/OTC compliant facility.

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