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SIVA is a national cannabis holding company that offers resources to businesses across the full supply chain nationwide in accordance with state-by-state laws and regulations as well as offers support in funding and strategic operational planning.

Licenses Acquired

In California alone

Meet Avis

Avis Bulbulyan is the Chief Executive Officer of SIVA, and oversees the corporate direction, business development and strategy at SIVA LLC. He facilitates company activity in consulting, alliances and channels, marketing, investments and operations. He leads a high caliber team that collectively provides clients with the highest level of support from idea to concept through execution.

Highlight: Massachusetts

We’re experts at policies and license acquisitions even in the most highly regulated markets. Take Massachusetts for example:
    • The initial phase had 800+ applicants with only 20 licenses being awarded.
    • SIVA had the highest rated application out of all applicants, with 160 out of 163 possible points.
    • Only group to win the maximum 3 out of 3 licenses.


“I would like to express my appreciation for consulting services I have received so far and I am writing to highly recommend SIVA Enterprises for its services. For the past several years I have known and been working with Avis Bulbulyan on a few projects and he has assisted me in preparing and setting them up. He has proved to be both highly reliable and resourceful. During all this time he and his team worked with me- They managed to conduct high-impact user research and made a number of key recommendations that resulted in success for our projects. 

So It’s my opinion that Siva- Will always give you a 100%, and hopefully you will be happy with his results.”


– Jurupa Valley, CA

“Avis is one of the smartest individuals we have had the privilege of working with. He is a pillar of information for anyone that has the capability to grasp everything he says. He has an in depth knowledge of the cannabis business and is very well connected with all the right people. I had the opportunity to work with Avis on a cultivation project, he has thought me everything I know about growing and taking care of plants and for that I will be forever grateful.” 

Kushy Punch Team

“I have been working with Avis Bulbulyan since 2013, when we were preparing our initial application, and the consulting service and advice he has provided our group with has been key to our success. From our initial application, which received the highest score, to the design of our cultivation & processing facility, and our recreational and medical dispensaries, were all done with Avis’s direct guidance. Avis is straightforward with his advice on all the basic and detailed topics of developing a vertically integrated marijuana business. Avis has the skill to breakdown the marijuana process in a manner that allows those of us new to the business to understand the nuances and the complexities in a simple fashion. Avis’s vast knowledge of the marijuana business, from his initial cultivation experience in California to operating in multiple-States, provides Avis with the experience that has served to increase his knowledge and made his business acumen even more valuable as a consultant. At the end of the day, Avis recommended that we keep everything simple utilizing tried-and-true methods and then enhance once we are more experienced and operating a successful business.” Nine years later I still contact Avis for guidance on strains, products, grow lights, and the industry as a whole. We still have Avis on retainer, and he conducts on-site reviews and offer guidance twice a year to keep Triple M on the forefront of this dynamic business.

Jonathan Herlihy CEO

- Triple M, Massachusetts.

“Avis Bulbulyan and his entire team at SIVA were quick, courteous, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful”

SIVA not only helped us navigate the cannabis application process in several markets, they added tremendous value in assisting us in positioning the company for future growth. We were very worried about the cannabis licensing process, especially in several other markets where we are considering expanding into, however, SIVA’s experience in over 50 markets gave us the confidence that as a team, we would be successful in our pursuit of additional cannabis licenses. 

Government relations, market segmentation, go to market strategies and proper product pricing and placement are just a few of things that SIVA assisted us with. 

Thank you Avis and thank you to the entire SIVA Team.” 

Gregg Bigger

– Santa Barbara

“Avis has consistently provided thoughtful and informed strategic advice to my firm and several of my cannabis clients regarding licensing, operations, investment, partnerships, and more. He is one of the most capable–and most generous–professionals in the industry.”

Rebecca Gwilt

Co-Founder, Nixon Gwilt Law (Virginia)

“We met Avis at a show in Los Angeles. Immediately we developed a close working relationship. Avis and his staff have been invaluable to our company. They have guided us through the entire licensing process and also met with several investors on our behalf. Quite frankly, I do not think we would be where we are today if it was not for Avis vast industry knowledge and support.”

Stepan Altounian

CEO/Managing Member, Aralo Enterprises (California)

“When we began the application process to obtain a license from the city of Pasadena, a friend recommended we speak with Avis at Siva before getting started. We could not be happier with that decision. Over the course of 2 years, Avis and his team were always available, responsive, and professional when it came to any questions or concerns we had along the way. His competency and due diligence regarding the application process lead to us being awarded with a license. We highly recommended Avis and his team for anyone in need of a consultant during what can be a very argues filing process.”

Ella B

Winning Pasadena, CA applicant

“In the rapidly evolving environment of cannabis, it is important to have a reliable consultant that you can trust will take the development of your business as seriously as you do. SIVA has been an immeasurable resource in procuring multiple local licenses in California and is currently working with us on various other projects around the country. They have proven to be forward thinkers who are able to quickly understand each process as it comes online and guide you through the various complexities.”

Marc Ravner

CEO, Loud Pack Brands

“I highly recommend Avis Bulbulyan as a consultant for applicants, emerging companies and current growers and dispensaries. Avis brings a full service approach with a compete staff and full understanding of the intricacies of the marijuana business. His expertise runs the gamut from access to capital, building relationships, to the many complex nuances of marijuana production and distribution. I once attended a meeting with Avis and the engineers from a utility company. He knew as much, if not more, than the top engineers of a large utility company. That kind of knowledge is a necessity for the business person who wants to grow and dispense marijuana. From start to finish, Avis is the right choice for the marijuana business.” 

John A. Pica, Jr.

Former Maryland Senator, Pica & Associates, LLC

“Cannabis industry is a very unique industry. If you don’t choose a good partner or consultant on your team, your business can be exposed to high risks. I was introduced to Avis at Siva a few years ago and I still remember at the first meeting, I was amazed at how knowledgeable he is. He understood our business concept and needs, then he formed the team right away and started both local and state license processes. Along the way, I almost got lost however his team were cost-conscious and communicated with me closely throughout the process. When there were bumps, Avis and his team always provided some alternative ideas/plans to execute properly. 

I’m blessed with having a team like Avis and other Siva employees. It feels very reassuring to have a good team on my back. I totally recommend Siva Enterprises. If you haven’t met anybody trustworthy in the industry yet, I would highly recommend talking to them first and you will not regret it.” 


Senior Investment Officer, Adelanto, CA


412 West Broadway
Suite 300
Glendale, CA 91204

(818) 562.3362


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