Our services are tailor-made to meet each individual client’s specific needs. There’s nothing templated or generic about our approach.


Professionalism is paramount. We pride ourselves on upholding high standards of  confidentiality for all of our clients and their entrusted information.


Our goal is to provide our clients with the resources and strategies necessary to promote long term growth and success in their businesses.


We are dedicated to our clients and their respective needs. We utilize our industry knowledge and expertise to problem solve for our clients until the job is done.

Experience and Expertise In Business

SIVA is leading the cannabis industry through six divisions that power the full potential of your business. Our services are customized to meet each clients’ individual needs. There’s nothing templated or generic about our approach.

Our Team

Avis Bulbulyan


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Avis Bulbulyan is the CEO of SIVA Enterprises. He has over 12 years’ experience in the cannabis industry and is recognized as an industry expert. He began as a cultivator in 2007 and quickly moved into manufacturing and retail. Prior to starting SIVA, Mr. Bulbulyan developed successful applications for former US Congressman Bill Delahunt in Massachusetts, where they were the highest ranked (160/163) applicant and only group to win 3 of the 3 licenses available. He has gone on to win licenses in other states, such as Nevada, Illinois, Maryland and California.

Because of his comprehensive understanding and deep insight into the nuances, regulations and trends of the cannabis industry, Mr. Bulbulyan was appointed to California’s 22-member Cannabis Advisory Committee, which advises the 3 state departments and bureau on the development of California’s State Cannabis Regulations. He was also the President of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force from 2016 to 2018.

Mr. Bulbulyan’s commitment to providing outstanding client services has propelled SIVA into the forefront of the industry. Under his direction, SIVA was voted Top 10 Legal and Consulting firm in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2018. Expertise.com, a company that independently vets service providers, voted SIVA as one of the Top 18 Consulting Companies in Los Angeles in 2017.

He continues to provide critical insight and depth to the evolving cannabis industry, on a local, state and national level, having testified in front of the CA Dept. of Insurance, advising local and state elected officials and participating in conferences and town halls across the U.S.

Mr. Bulbulyan’s success is predicated on his experience and insight, as well as the cultivation of strong industry and business relations. His core values are expressed in how he conducts business, his willingness to provide guidance and support, and in the creative solutions he develops for specific client goals and needs.

Derek Sigman

Director of Licensing

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Derek Sigman currently works at SIVA as the Director of Licensing. In 2011, Derek graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies. Upon graduation, Derek moved to Los Angeles, California where he served as the Implementation Manager for a social-tech company. In 2019, Derek received his Master of Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University.

As the Director of Licensing, Derek leads SIVA’s cannabis business licensing department and helps clients throughout the country secure their local and state licenses. To date, Derek has helped SIVA’s clients secure over 30 licenses in various localities throughout the country.

Derek believes that each project is unique and customizes each application to fit that particular client’s team and business concept. It’s not enough to simply create an application on behalf of the client, the application needs to be a reflection of the client and provide a blueprint for the operations of their business.

In his spare time, Derek is an avid chef that enjoys home-cooking, hiking and reading.

Christine Mardikian

Senior Policy Analyst

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Christine Mardikian currently works at SIVA as a Senior Policy Analyst. Christine received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Law from the University of Southern California, and her Juris Doctorate degree from Western State College of Law.

As part of SIVA, she researches and reports on the regulatory frame work in the United States and pending legislation surrounding cannabis legalization both at the state level and in the Senate. She also assists the licensing team on local and state applications.

Christine believes that every day presents an opportunity to learn something new. She personifies that belief by feeding her curiosity and staying informed.

Christine is a citizen of the world. She spends her free time finding her center in yoga and going on new adventures.

Johnny Sayegh

Director of Business Development

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Johnny Sayegh is a graduate of California State University Channel Islands with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Economics. This dual perspective is informing his systemic approach to business ventures and social impact.

As part of the SIVA team, he is responsible for heading up marketing initiatives, business development efforts and consulting on client strategy when needed. Johnny has been part of the cannabis industry since 2012 and frequently attends industry event always looking for ways to support other industry professionals. Johnny strongly believes adaptability and persistence is key to succeeding in personal and business situations.

In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, reading or going mountain biking. One of his aspirations is to build a sport complex in the inner city to help youth avoid negative peer pressure, and provide them a place to gather and grow.

Anthony Zolezzi


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Anthony Zolezzi is CEO of Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc., a leading nutritional supplement company. A San Diego native, Zolezzi has spent his career focusing on ways that biotech breakthroughs can enhance consumer health and wellness. Zolezzi is also Strategic Advisor for Pegasus Capital Advisors, a private asset management company focused on sustainability and wellness sectors. As a serial entrepreneur, Zolezzi has dedicated his career to the well-being of both people and the planet, co-founding businesses that provide potential solutions to both health concerns and key environmental issues. Zolezzi joined the Twinlab Board of Directors in May, 2018.

Zolezzi is a former board member of Vitamin Angels, a non-profit focused on providing nutritional support in impoverished countries. He also co-founded and is a former board member of the Organic Center for Education and Promotion, and a former member of the Organic Alliance Board of Directors.

Zolezzi currently also serves as an advisory board member with the Menus of Change program, a joint venture between The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health, and the Keurig Corporation.

In 2014, as a member of the board of directors of Wild Oats Marketplace, Zolezzi facilitated the democratization of organics, and brought this respected brand into Wal-Mart stores. Zolezzi shepherded this influential organic retailer, increasing market share and consumer awareness of the availability of lower-priced, healthier-for-you organics.

Code Blue Recycling, which Zolezzi co-founded in 2007, was created to further plastics reclamation and recycling goals. Zolezzi and his team ultimately filed 19 patents on unique recycling technologies, tailored for Nestlé, PepsiCo and Whole Foods Market. Code Blue Recycling was sold to Waste Management in 2009, becoming Greenopolis Recycling. Zolezzi continued to lead the Greenopolis team until it was again sold to RecycleBank in 2012, as one of the most technologically advanced recycling systems in the U.S.

In 1994, after seeing the movie Forrest Gump, Zolezzi was instrumental in bringing together Paramount Pictures, Meridian Products seafood company and the Rusty Pelican restaurant chain to create the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Through this venture, Zolezzi helped shepherd two successful turnarounds: The Con Agra purchase of Meridian Products seafood, and the re-branding of Rusty Pelican into the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., which now produces nearly $400 million in annual revenue.

Zolezzi has built and co-founded a number of other businesses ranging from the New Organics Company line of low-priced organic foods for mass retailers (such as Wal-mart) to Pet Promise pet food, which was created to provide better pet nutrition while helping to sustain organic family farms, to TruCost, a 1998 venture seeking to help restaurant retailers track produce hard costs.

Once developed and nurtured, most of these businesses were sold to larger concerns with the resources to make them even more effective. Zolezzi believes that we will not see significant change in environmental issues if we do not engage big companies as the solution.

Zolezzi has authored and co-authored six books, including:

Chemical-Free Kids: the Organic Sequel (ASM Books, 2008)
Do Something: Leave Your Mark on the World (ASM Books, 2008)
How Dog Food Saved the Earth (ASM Books, 2005)
The Detachment Paradox: How an objective approach to work can lead to a rich and rewarding life (ASM Books, 2004)
Chemical-Free Kids; How to Safeguard Your Child’s Diet and Environment ( Kensington / Twin Streams, 2003)
His specialities include: Investment and Growth Strategies, Management Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Organic Product Marketing, Natural Channel Marketing and Sales, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Turnarounds, Business Strategy, Motivational Speaking, Sustainability, Material Recovery, Energy Saving Technologies

Full Service in Cannabis Consulting


SIVA Consulting provides full-service business solutions and support for the cannabis industry. We are your partner with comprehensive industry knowledge and deep insight into industry trends, nuances and regulations that provide effective and creative tools to transform your company. Whether a client is new to the cannabis industry or is a legacy operator, SIVA tailors services that meet your business’ strategic and operational needs.


Through our reputation and nationwide network, SIVA Investments is always presented with investment and acquisition opportunities. We carefully vet each opportunity and then curate strategic alliances. By structuring deals, partnerships, and contracts through SIVA, clients are able to utilize our team’s extensive industry background, network and expertise. SIVA Investments is not a fund. Our team assesses opportunities and provides guidance to clients regarding investment, business or partnership opportunities in the cannabis industry.


SIVA Brands brings creativity and compliance to the forefront of cannabis branding. We help clients develop brands in all verticals, from cultivation and manufacturing, to retail and lifestyle. Our team of industry professionals, brand architects, and creative developers understand business and marketing principles in the context of market trends and nuances. We take a client’s vision and provide access to tools and resources that can bring their brands to life.

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SIVA holds the intellectual property rights for the brands it has developed and/or acquired, or brands with a licensing agreement in place. IP rights may include, but are not limited to, formulation & methodology IP branding, design, packaging and marketing IP, and more. Over the last decade, SIVA has developed relationships with license holders across the country that can be leveraged to forge strategic partnerships. SIVA is able to take client brands and products and provide national exposure and shelf space in various state regulated markets.

SIVA Intellectual Property Management services include:

Strategic partnerships
Market expansion
Local, state and national connections
Production management
Quality control


SIVA is uniquely positioned throughout the cannabis industry – geographically and by industry segment – to identify market trends and the unmet needs of patients and consumers. SIVA’s access to relevant and groundbreaking industry trends and insider information helps clients identify which segments have yet to be tapped into. We provide product development expertise and capacity for partners and acquired brands to promote diverse and reliable products for patients and consumers, while expanding their existing product offerings. SIVA has a state-of-the-art R&D department strictly dedicated to developing cutting-edge formulations.

SIVA Product Formulation & Development services include:

Consistent and reliable products
New and improved formulations
State-of-the-art technology
Consistent and precise dosing
High/low potency
Great taste
Market analysis
Cost analysis
Vendor sourcing


SIVA brings clients full circle helping clients bridge the gap between branding and packaging and labeling. Our methods ensure that brand integrity remains intact and that packaging and labeling meet all applicable local and state laws and requirements. We bring creative difference and commercial edge together so that clients meet their business objectives. SIVA’s high-quality, in-house packaging solutions offer an endless variety of reliable, bulk or retail-ready packaging options that reflects the integrity of your individual brand. Our in-house creative team helps clients identify the right packaging for their products.


One of SIVA’s core competencies is licensing and compliance. Our industry experts provide comprehensive knowledge, understanding and insight into the regulatory framework of cannabis laws and regulations across the United States, which we use to help clients get their commercial cannabis licenses. Through our Licensing service, SIVA Brands will work with manufacturing partners to adhere to strict product formulations, brand designs and all other client needs in order to bring client products and brands wherever cannabis has been legalized.

SIVA’s Product Licensing services include:

Market expansion
Local, state and national connections
Strategic partnerships in manufacturing
Quality control


SIVA owns and operates one of the largest, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Southern California that strictly adheres to the FDA, OTC, Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P.), and State of California cannabis manufacturing compliance policies.
We offer manufacturing services at scale for new or existing products, including CBD products. We take your idea from concept all the way through to market at production costs that rival large manufacturing competitors across the country. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provide our partners with a true “one stop shop”. We serve companies of all sizes, ranging from multi-state organizations to start-up businesses, and have proven experience in lowering costs and risks normally associated with creating your own Private Label or a new custom-formulated product. Our internal Quality Assurance and Quality Control department monitors all aspects of the manufacturing process. All formulated products are blended and packaged in our OTC and FDA compliant facilities to assure the highest quality results for our clients.
SIVA’s Product Manufacturing services include:

Sample Development
Cannabis extraction
Consistent and reliable oils
Proprietary formulations
A Wide array of product manufacturing
State-of-the-art security
State and local compliance
Packaging and Labeling


We work with forward-thinking companies to build brands that stand out. We believe that part of successful branding is being able to tell a story- about the company, the brand, and what it embodies. Our team works closely with clients to help them navigate the complexity of regulations without losing sight of what makes effective brand marketing possible. Brand Development services include:

Brand Development
Product / Brand Ideation
Positioning / Messaging
Logo Design / Identity
Brand Guidelines
Go To Market Strategy
Point-of Purchase Displays / Trade Dress
Environmental Design

Distribution Management

With cannabis distribution quickly coming to the forefront of nationwide and global cannabis markets, tactical, strategic, and logistical operations is thriving. Distribution has a key role in the success of the industry and other verticals, since it relates directly to business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships. Our team provides strategic insight into distribution operations and tactical implementation to ensure that operators in all verticals are able to safely and successfully transport, store, and distribute cannabis and cannabis goods to other operators, consumers, and countries.

Manufacturing Management

As the regulated cannabis industry continues to mature, manufacturing is proving to be among the most scalable vertical. With deep insight into equipment, processes, management, and regulations, our team systematically tailors operational plans and management to meet client needs and market demands. We work with prospective, new and legacy cannabis manufacturing operators that process both medical and adult use cannabis products.

Dispensary Management

Our team brings years of experience in establishing, managing and scaling dispensaries. With a wide spectrum of services available, clients are able to determine the ideal management approach and tailor services to their individual needs. Our services are suitable for both established and developing medical and adult use dispensaries.

Cultivation Management

We provide full-scope management solutions from implementation to post-license operations management. With our team of experienced cultivators, we tailor everything to meet client needs. Our management services guarantee that cultivation facilities run efficiently, effectively and are compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

Staff Training

SIVA offers on-site employee training led by industry experts for new, expanding and established businesses. To guarantee results, our comprehensive training programs utilize written instruction and on-the-job training. Employees are required to undergo testing at the end of each training session to confirm demonstration of measurable skills and knowledge acquired. All training is documented, and a signed statement is obtained from each employee that indicates the date, time, place of training and the focus of the training. It is recommended that employees receive 24 hours of on-going training annually.

Security & Compliance Plans

SIVA develops security and compliance plans that meet and exceed regulatory requirements. These plans have been developed through years of experience in regulated cannabis markets throughout the country. Each plan is specifically tailored to your businesses size, operations and regulatory requirements.

Operations Manuals

SIVA Consulting is here to help you develop comprehensive operations manuals for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, testing and dispensing. These manuals are created by our team of industry professionals and are tailored to meet your business’ needs while incorporating proven best practices that have been implemented in existing markets. This allows your company to utilize best practices to increase efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Our team of experts will walk you through each procedure step-by-step and develop customized operations manuals that fit your specific business.

Business Plans

Our business plans have two primary purposes. First, to be used to help you run your company with a clear and cohesive road map by analyzing your plan from concept to implementation — and second, to provide crystal clear intentions and communication to all necessary compliance and regulatory agencies.

Our highly detailed business plans are utilized for operational purposes, to attract new management and staff, to demonstrate to investors how the company plans to make profits, and to communicate with licensing or regulatory agencies about how the company intends to remain in compliance with industry rules and regulations.

Financial Modeling

The accurate development of financial models and projections requires an in-depth understanding and analysis of key assumptions that fuel the cannabis industry. We construct a financial representation of some or all aspects of every project we develop. These models can help summarize particular events for your business, such as investment management returns or the Sortino ratio (measuring the risk-adjusted return of an investment asset, portfolio or strategy) and provides essential information for making strategic decisions.

Financial models are a critical aspect of your business plan and a crucial component of local and state cannabis applications. SIVA Consulting builds financial models to help you make informed, strategic decisions before committing funds to any project.


The process of acquiring state and local licenses can be complex and difficult to maneuver if you are not familiar with local and state regulations and guidelines. SIVA has consulted with clients with all levels of experience and have achieved exceptional results in merit-based applications nationwide. Our deep knowledge in all aspects of the industry can help you plan and articulate a grow operation in Pennsylvania, a manufacturing operation in California, a dispensary in Ohio, and anywhere in between.

We are frequent speakers at industry conferences and forums, and serve as expert resources for industry publications and policy makers. We actively network and review active and pending rules and regulations with clients, partners and investors across the U.S. As a result, SIVA Consulting has one of the highest success rates nationwide in state licensing.