SIVA Consulting provides full-service business solutions and support for the cannabis industry. With the combined expertise of the SIVA team, we handle all aspects of state and local licensing, including written materials, standard operating procedures, market research, financial modeling, detailed graphics, and more to address individual client and project needs. We are your partners with deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and know-how to transform your company, giving you the tools to execute successfully.

Whether a client is new to the cannabis industry or is a legacy operator, all of these services factor heavily into your business’ strategic and operational plans.

SIVA Consulting services include:


The process of acquiring state and local licenses can be complex and difficult to maneuver if you are not familiar with the regulations and guidelines. SIVA has consulted with clients with all levels of experience, achieving exceptional results in merit-based applications nationwide. Our team has deep knowledge in all aspects of the industry; we can help you plan and articulate a grow operation in Pennsylvania, manufacturing in California or a dispensary in Ohio, and anywhere in between.

We are frequent speakers at industry conferences and forums, and serve as expert resources for industry publications and policy makers. We actively network and review active and pending rules and regulations with clients, partners and investors across the U.S. As a result, SIVA Consulting has one of the highest success rates nationwide in state licensing for both merit-based and conditional use permit applications.


We construct a financial representation of some or all aspects of the project we’ll be working on with you. The Financial Modeling is usually characterized by performing calculations and making any necessary recommendations based on that information. The model may also help summarize particular events for you, such as investment management returns or the Sortino ratio (measuring the risk-adjusted return of an investment asset, portfolio or strategy) or it may help estimate market direction depending on your situation.

A financial model may include current real cash budget, cash flow projections, capital decisions, depreciation schedules, debt service, inventory levels, new products and market opportunities, budgeting and allocation of corporate resources, depending on your individual business needs. Financial Modeling is an important addition of business planning and is also used to determine business valuation for potential investors. SIVA Consulting builds financial models to help you make informed, strategic decisions before committing any funds.


Our business plans have two primary purposes. Firstly, to be used to help you run your company with a clear and cohesive road map by analyzing your plan from start to implementation — and secondly, to provide crystal clear intentions and communication to all necessary compliance and regulatory agencies.
SIVA Consulting collaborates with you to prepare detailed business plans for successful operations in the cannabis industry. Our business plans help our clients define their purpose, products, management structure, and methodologies; and create a road map to achieve what they want to accomplish over time.

Our highly detailed business plans are utilized for operational purposes, to attract new management and staff, to demonstrate to investors how the company plans to make profits, and to communicate with licensing or regulatory agencies about how the company intends to remain in compliance with industry rules and regulations. A well written business plan is crucial to operating a successful business in the cannabis industry.


SIVA Consulting is here to help you develop comprehensive operations manuals in cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing. These manuals are created and tailored to your individual business needs by our team of cannabis industry experts. Our thorough manuals detail the most efficient and effective procedures for each type of facility in all stages. This allows you to implement best practice procedures without needing to endlessly research and create your own from scratch. We will walk you through each procedure step-by-step by providing you with clear and concise written material that speaks directly to the individuals who will be responsible for performing those specific tasks.


SIVA develops security and compliance plans that meet and exceed regulatory requirements. These plans provide the most efficient and effective practices and address solutions for cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing facilities, packaging, and distribution.


SIVA offers on-site employee training led by industry experts for new, expanding and established businesses. To guarantee results, our comprehensive training programs utilize written instruction, online modules and on-the-job training. Employees are required to undergo testing at the end of each training session to confirm demonstration of measurable skills and knowledge acquired. All training is documented and a signed statement is obtained from each employee that indicates the date, time, place of training and the focus of the training. It is recommended that employees receive 24 hours of on-going training annually.


As the cannabis space is becoming more mainstream, now, more than ever, is the time to have a strong brand identity that resonates through the marketplace, differentiates you from your competitor and connects you to your desired audience. At SIVA, our experienced creative team develops brands through a detailed process that results in finely-crafted brands based on inherent value, authenticity and vision – not trends.

We build partnerships with our clients by carefully listening to and understanding their values, mission and goals. We help our clients achieve success and realize market potential through tailored, creative and strategic solutions.

Our Branding & Marketing services include:


  • Brand Positioning
  • Trend Analysis
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Industry Best Practices



  • Brand Identity & Logo Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Creative Collateral
  • Trade Dress / Retail Merchandising