Operating a cannabis distribution business can be a complicated process; to be successful, it requires a deep understanding of local, state and federal laws. SIVA distribution is the “take to market” arm of the SIVA family of companies, taking your product from development to shelf space. With over a decade in the cannabis industry, starting from the ground level of cultivation in Los Angeles, we have the relationships to take client products to market at speeds that very few companies, if any, can match. With the activation of SIVA’s distribution department, SIVA is your true, full-service cannabis partner from concept through execution.

The SIVA distribution difference:

  • We streamline the procurement and fulfillment processes
  • We create trusted-value through reliable service, supply-chain integrity and quality assurance
  • We make distribution affordable through economies of scale
  • We continuously enhance logistics and route efficiency with the use of enterprise software and industry specific data
  • We benefit through longstanding relationships with operators involved in every part of the supply chain
  • We offer customized services: Personalized Reporting, Site-Specific Information Tracking, Dispatch Services, Customized Mapping, Proactive and Preventative                  Response Training



Disclaimer: SIVA is not an independent distributor, and only handles the distribution of product acquired through SIVA.