Cannabis Branding

Our Branding Services

SIVA Brands brings creativity and compliance to the forefront of cannabis branding. We help clients develop brands in all verticals, from cultivation and manufacturing, to retail and lifestyle. Our team of industry professionals, brand architects, and creative developers understand business and marketing principles in the context of market trends and nuances. We take a client’s vision and provide access to tools and resources that can bring their brands to life. We help strengthen our client’s businesses to ensure that their brands become popular and profitable. Our team understands that each client has a specific vision and has unique needs that require a precise and thoughtful approach.

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SIVA Investments

Through our reputation and nationwide network, SIVA Investments is always presented with investment and acquisition opportunities. We carefully vet each opportunity and then curate strategic alliances. By structuring deals, partnerships, and contracts through SIVA, clients are able to utilize our team’s extensive industry background, network and expertise. SIVA Investments is not a fund. Our team assesses opportunities and provides guidance to clients regarding investment, business or partnership opportunities in the cannabis industry.

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