With free time in greater abundance than usual, the SIVA team is taking advantage of this personal development opportunity by reading. Here are some selections we recommend that may help bolster the personal and professional growth of your cannabis venture or at the very least, offer a well-deserved distraction:

Derek Sigman (Director of Licensing) recommends:

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

While we re-orient ourselves and our businesses to working in a new environment the systems, procedures and habits we develop and implement play an increasingly important role in our lives. The implementation of a large or entirely remote workforce is necessitating a re-thinking of how we organize our operations and communications. Duhigg’s book provides us with data driven insights into how we form our habits, how we sustain them and the dramatic effect they have on our personal development and lifestyle. Just as importantly, Duhigg provides us with how habits can change and how we can adjust our daily routines to provide more positive results. Duhigg provides real-life examples of the importance of positive habits in leaders such as Howard Schultz, Michael Phelps, Martin Luther King Jr. and various professional athletes. His award-winning book provides us with valuable insight that we can utilize for an introspective analysis of our personal lives and our businesses. For many of us, business is temporarily slowing down. There aren’t many times that we get a temporary “time-out” to reassess our companies. Take this time to analyze your habits, see what you can do to improve and begin implementing those changes to enhance your efficiency and hit the ground running.

Arabo Beiki (Senior Associate) recommends:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

“Mission statements, value propositions, personal vision, etc” are all terms that have inundated the business management world for decades, but how do professionals go about creating a vision that will genuinely resonate with an audience and not just be superficial tag lines? Motivational speaker and author Simon Sinek elaborates on what he calls The Golden Circle, a pattern of thought that permits transparency and inspiration, rather than opacity and manipulation. By applying The Golden Circle, individuals of all backgrounds, professions, and skill levels can have a simple and communicable means of developing a sense of purpose that will remain in their field of vision on a regular basis. With so many of us facing economic uncertainty, lulls at the workplace, and a plethora of “what if” thoughts, Sinek may suggest using our time in a different way – take a step back, reassess our priorities, and reaffirm the core principles that we as individuals and businesses identify with and let those lead the way.

Christine Mardikian (Senior Policy Analyst) recommends:

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

A modern day thriller that will keep you on the edge of your couch, crunching on Doritos in anticipation and curiosity of what really happened! Alex Michaelides unravels the story of two couples who have seemingly separate lives have their worlds shaken when a murder takes place and psychotherapist Theo Faber is handed the unrelenting task of getting his patient to speak about why she murdered her husband. This riveting story focuses on the human psyche and helps us understand human motivations and actions; how love, envy and control become powerful emotions and how far we would be willing to go to achieve our desires. It helps us understand that certain actions motivated by strong emotions will lead us to our ultimate demise.

Christine Mardikian (Senior Policy Analyst) recommends:

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell

Like any other Malcolm Gladwell book, David and Goliath challenges our own views and judgements about conditions of adversity, e.g. being in a minority, coping with disabilities, and several others. His powerful storytelling illustrates the growth, knowledge, success and wisdom that arise in the face of adversity and suffering, an uplifting and motivational read that uses real-life examples; individuals who in the face of grief, physical disability and impairment, and troubled circumstances were able to see their struggles not as a hindrance but as a tool and were triumphant as a result. So many of us seek change and growth, but with change comes a great deal of struggles and obstacles. We prefer to reach the destination without the journey; Gladwell allows us to appreciate the journey.

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